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sexuality101's Journal

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The purpose of this community is to provide information on topics of sexuality in a safe and, if desired, anonymous environment.

How it Works:

ifritah will be writing the majority of the posts. However, on occasion when karenhealey is feeling especially sociable, she will write a post or three. All others are welcome to comment to these posts to their hearts content. Comment to us, to each other. Whether it be on your thoughts (please be respectful) or an addition to what's already been said, all comments are equally welcome.

As for content, ifritah will do her very best to update this journal at least twice a week (though she'll be shooting for three). On one of those weekly posts, she would like to post questions that readers would like answered. Please email her at ifritah22@yahoo.com for questions you have on any sexuality topic. (NO question is a stupid question.) She will answer these in the order she receives them. All questions will be posted anonymously to the community.

Rules and Conduct:

Sexuality is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. Please be respectful and courteous to all who communicate within this community.

About Us:

ifritah has a BA in Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology, with a specialization in sexology. She is not a licensed doctor or therapist. However, she has read far more on the topic than the average bear, and has some good resources to use for the answers that she doesn’t know off the top of her head. (If at any time you would like the resources for the topic she's discussing, please feel free to comment.)

karenhealey has absolutely no training in psychology or sociology. Instead, she has a Masters degree in English Literature. But she did write her thesis on today's most popular "alternative" porn site, so there you go. She's had sex a time or two, co-maintains a community devoted to the cause of realistic, non-misogynistic sex scenes in fiction-writing (writers_orgasm), and wears a hat of +5 feminism.